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Divorce - A divorce dissolves your marriage even if your spouse wishes to remain married. There are two ways to proceed in resolving your divorce action. If you and your spouse have resolved all children and property issues or are likely to, your case will be uncontested. These are the most amicable. If you need a judge to resolve one or more issues including child custody, visitation, child support, property distribution or alimony, then your case is contested and will require filing and service of a divorce complaint on your spouse.

Annulment - An annulment of your purported marriage differs from a divorce in that it determines that it never occurred, allowing you to state that you were never married. You may qualify for an annulment if you and your spouse never resided together or consummated the marriage or under certain other circumstances that render a purported marriage void.

Paternity - A paternity action must be filed to establish a father's paternity of a child born out of wedlock and to determine a mother and father's respective rights and obligations regarding their child including child support, custody and visitation.

Relocation - A parent may request the court's permission to move out of town or out of Florida with a minor child or request a court order preventing such a move.

Child Support - We represent non-custodial parents in actions brought by the State of Florida, Child Support Enforcement Division to ensure that child support is established fairly and is consistent with state guidelines.

Modifications - After a divorce or paternity final judgment is granted, either parent may request a change of custody, visitation, child support or other issues affecting his or her children. Former spouses may increase, decrease or terminate alimony obligations ordered in their divorce.

Enforcement - Any obligation ordered by the court in a final judgment of divorce or paternity may be enforced by court action

Mediation - Works well for couples on fairly amicable terms to finalize the details of their agreement.

Appeals - If you disagree with the result ordered by the family court, then we can request an appellate court to review your case.

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